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Cash advance loans same can not be said of the De Tomaso Pantera in which any rolling speed feels as if it could cause your vision to streak. This rare right-hand-drive GTS was recently sold by Anthony Godin who, by his own admission, is becoming a Pantera specialist purely by chance. Many of the recently sold UK cars have passed through his hands. From the moment you step into cash advance loans De Tomaso it is clear how far and how quickly the company progressed when it started to sell proper numbers of cars.

Except for the horribly out of place and too small plastic steering wheel (Ford Capri. The interior is plush and spacious, a suede dash-top the first sign of quality, the seats comfortable and cosseting, the way the tunnel guides your feet to the slightly offset pedals not as intrusive as it should be.

In front of the driver are two big dials (200mph speedo and 8000rpm rev counter with redline starting at 5900), while most of the furniture is neatly placed in the centre console. And that snarling, shatteringly brutal racing engine is the heart and soul of this car. The Ferrari-esque open gate on the gearchange initially seems baulky, but actually serves a purpose.

By enforcing slower, more determined changes it means that you are never rushing the transaxle and the change is far easier and smoother than in the Bora.

From the dog-leg first, guide it upwards and the length of the cash advance loans astounds, the legal limit flashing up mid-way through second, third stretching just as far. Who knows where you would be by the time you topped out in fifth.

It is twitchy and skittish as it puts down its power, the steering is a little too light and prone to bumpsteer, that cheapo wheel jittering all the time in your hands. The back end is forever reminding you how easily it could switch to autopilot and take the control of the car out of your hands.

It is one long dangerous adrenalin rush, like a filthy alleyway quickie with a stranger, while the Bora is Tantric sex with your soul-mate.

That the Maserati payday loans online has the same performance, but goes about it with such unflustered, inscrutable civility is astonishing. A waste of time then. We had to do the article to discover that fact and we learned a lot more besides. Nothing comes close for that sort of money. Yet for continental touring with genuine pace and refined GT comfort and capability, the Bora is equally essential. Again, you would have to spend twice as much to find something that would make you feel better as the lines of poplars flash past on a deserted French blue route, or to get you across the Alps as quickly and comfortably.

If you were thinking of buying either of these cars, the good news is that neither will disappoint, the bad news is that you really need both.

Anti-roll bars front and rear Steering rack and pinion Brakes powered Girling discs all round Length 14ft 3in (4343mm) Width 5ft 10in (1784mm) Height 3ft 11in (1200mm) Weight 3416lb (1549kg) Wheelbase 8ft 6in (2590mm) 0-60mph 6. Search now LatestBlogsVideos Oldtimers get into Christmas spirit Events Top five winter classics for every budget Features Glittering display of rare classics stars south of Sydney Clubs Nine of the best supercars going to auction in December Auctions Juggling classic cars can be a tricky business: how many is too many.

Very good condition with all service history. Bitter CD in very original condition, 1 of only 395 ever built. New delivered in 1977 by Belgian Bitter importer Van Den Abbeele in Dendermonde.

All history and original bill of sale available. Citroen Mehari with only 15000KMS. Very good condition, orange with black seats. Be prepared for next summer FUN!. De Tomaso Deauville four-door with the same 351 Ford Cleveland V8 as the Pantera. One of only 244 Deauville's ever built!.

De Tomaso Longchamp with a rare history, this car was the private car of Ms Isabelle De Tomaso. Very good low mileage late model Longchamp finished in orange metallic with cognac leather. De Tomaso Longchamp GTS. De Tomaso Pantera in top condition, very good and original body, perfect panel fit.

Real 70's 12 cyl. European specs car with all history, long time ownership and serviced by a well know specialist. Ferrari 550 Maranello in very good condition with full service history, original Belgian delivered car with all books and tools. Bitter CD Bitter CD in very original condition, 1 of only 395 ever built. Citroen Mehari Citroen Mehari with only 15000KMS.

De Tomaso Deauville De Tomaso Deauville four-door with the same 351 Ford Cleveland V8 as the Pantera. De Tomaso Longchamp De Tomaso Longchamp with a rare history, this car was the private car of Ms Isabelle De Tomaso.

De Tomaso Longchamp GTS De Tomaso Longchamp GTS.

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