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View Details Manager's Daily Deal 2014 GMC Terrain FWD SLE-1 Offer Disclosure This vehicle has online loans hand selected by our used car manager for special savings. View Details See Online loans Fremont Cadillac - YOUR Bay Area CAR SOURCEWelcome to Online loans Cadillac. Our Cadillac dealership features a great selection of both new and used cars and SUVs to choose from. Stop by our Fremont Cadillac dealership to see for yourself or check out our inventory on our website.

Bay Area Cadillac drivers, check out our hours and directions page to find out how to get here. Before you come, you can set up an appointment at our certified service center to get your car repaired or order GM accessories for your vehicle. We have it all for our Bay Area Cadillac customers here at our dealership in Fremont. Located between Cushing Parkway and Auto Mall Parkway is your Fremont Cadillac dealer. Our Cadillac dealership in Fremont is located just a few minutes away from the Nimitz Freeway and Interstate 680.

Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley and Claim Jumper are also just a short drive away. We are proud to serve our Bay Area Cadillac customers.

If you need further directions to your Cadillac dealer in Fremont, check our hours and directions page. All customers will not qualify for all rebates, Contact dealer for details. Well, look no further than our Cadillac dealership in Fremont, as we have a great selection of new vehicles waiting for a new owner. From the ATS, CTS and CTS-V, these beautiful vehicles are a great choice for Cadillac lovers. Don't overlook the Escalade and XTS.

These are the models that we, at Fremont Cadillac, offer to all of our great Cadillac customers. From developing the world's first electric self-starting engine and pioneering the integration of computer technology into vehicles, to being the first to offer drivers a color other than black and creating the fastest family of production cars with the CTS-V Series, it's all a part of our history.

Learn more about this iconic American brand and how it has shaped - and continues to define - the automotive industry. Cadillac has sought to differentiate itself by focusing on luxury and high manufacturing standards. One early accomplishment in this quest was the creation of the first car comprised of truly interchangeable parts.

Until Cadillac introduced a precision manufacturing process, cars were individually handcrafted. This allowed for variations in dimensions that would prevent many parts from being interchangeable. To demonstrate how precisely Cadillacs were built, three cars were disassembled and had their 721 individual parts thrown into one large disorderly pile. Eighty-nine crucial parts were then removed and replaced with fresh parts from the factory.

Using only wrenches and screwdrivers, the three cars were reassembled and then driven 500 miles demonstrating just how precise the Cadillac manufacturing process was. In 1948 Cadillac produced the first car with tailfins, a styling cue that would be adapted by most other manufacturers for the next decade. As the base platform for many payday loan online presidential limousines, and favored car of Elvis Presley among other celebrities, Cadillac became the benchmark for letting the world know "you made it.

Cadillac continued to enjoy its status as the definition of luxury through the early 1970s, but by the 1980s, Cadillac would begin to be thought of as "grandpa's car. The latest generation of Cadillacs is made up once again of world-class performance and luxury cars.

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